Community Transport

The Community Transport Scheme serves older residents who choose to live an independent life in their own home but are no longer able or wish to drive themselves. Typically journeys cover shopping trips, social events and other local travel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The scheme also attempts to meet the need for any essential medical appointments as required by members during the week.

Interloch Transport

Interloch Transport provides a door to door assisted transport services for people of all ages, who through sickness, mobility problems, disability or isolation find it difficult to access Public Transport, allowing them to access services GP/Hospital/Dental, Shopping, Hairdressers, Social Events. It operates across Cowal and Bute.

Lismore Community Transport

The service provides community transport to the inhabitants of the Isle of Lismore and its environs who have need because of age, mental or physical disability, poverty or isolation, of a rural transport service.

Community Transport

Mid Argyll Transport is a voluntary car scheme that helps Adults who are unable to access public Transport due to age, disabilities or condition in the Mid Argyll and Tarbert areas. They transport people to medical appointments local or long distance, shopping or social events. Weekend medical appointments, discharge or admittance can also be done when needed.

North Argyll Volunteer Car Scheme

North Argyll Volunteer Car Scheme organises volunteer drivers to use their own cars to help people who are unable to make use of public transport to access essential services. Destinations include local surgeries, the hospital, dentist, optician, hairdresser and shopping.

Patient Transport Service

UFCT offers assistance to patients attending hospital appointments in Oban and Craignure through the Highlands & Islands Patient Travel Scheme, which reimburses patients’ travel expenses to hospitals for NHS treatment or appointments. UFCT also offers assistance with obtaining and submitting travel claim forms.

Ulva Ferry Community Transport

A community transport service offering door-to-door travel to and from the Ulva Ferry area of North Mull. Anyone is welcome to use the services: visitors and locals alike, individuals, families and groups. Services can be pre-booked and scheduled – refer to website for details.

Community Transport

Ross of Mull and Iona Community Transport Scheme The scheme offers a seven passenger vehicle with full disabled access. This is available for all residents transport needs.