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Kilmartin Primary School

Supplied by Kilmartin Primary School

Service Details

The school serves the areas of Kilmartin, Slockavullin, Ford, the southern end of Loch Awe and the surrounding areas. The village of Kilmartin lies on the main road to Oban about eight miles north of Lochgilphead. It also lies five miles north of Dunadd, now an insignificant name on the map, but until 850 A.D. the capital of the Scots Kingdom of Dalriada, covering much of modern Argyll. Kilmartin is best known for its history. The village sits at the heart of Kilmartin Glen, and there are at least 150 prehistoric sites and 200 other ancient monuments within six miles of it. These include burial cairns, rock carvings, and standing stones, as well as the remains of the fortress at Dunadd.

Contact Details

  Kilmartin,Lochgilphead,PA31 8QF